Nickel Import Market Briefing 20150825

Date Aug 25 2015 14:54:25Source:shmet
Aug.25,2015(SHMET)--Shanghai cathode nickel CIF (B/L) premiums were at 125-155 dollars per ton, while the warrant premiums were at 125-155 dollars per ton. Import of Jinchuan nickel profited about 1200 rmbs today while Russina nickel import profited about 950 rmbs per ton. Cathode nickel import ratio picked up once again. Recently a lot of sellers directly import Russian nickel lead to the quotations of Russian Shanghai bonded warrant were quite relatively high, at 140-150 dollars. Norway nickel warrant in Shanghai bonded warehouse was at about 200 dollars premium, we also heard that some Japanese nickel B/L had been quoted at 150 dollars per ton today.Edited by SHMET

Zinc Import Market Briefing 2015070825

Date Aug 25 2015 14:54:09Source:shmet
Aug.25,2015(SHMET)--Shanghai zinc CIF (B/L) premium was quoted in 115-135 dollars per ton; Shanghai zinc bonded warehouse warrants was quoted at a premium of 115-135 dollars, the quotations slighty up today.SHFE main contract against LME zinc at a ratio of 8.66. LME zinc cash-3ms price were in 5 dollar contango. The imports of spot zinc profited about 750 rmbs per ton today, while the forward zinc import profited about 150 dollars. Zinc import ratio returned today but it was still on highs with major qtuotation of import premium stayed high too. This morning, we learned some sellers quoted 125-130 dollars per ton forindian zinc ingot premium, and even higher for good brands. The buyers showed strong purchasing wills but the volume was small in fact as the quotations were too high to encourage purchase.Edited by SHMET

Aluminum Import Market Briefing 20150825

Date Aug 25 2015 14:52:56Source:shmet
Aug.25,2015(SHMET)--Shanghai aluminum CIF (B/L) premium was 110-140 dollars per ton; Shanghai aluminum bonded warehouse warrants premium was 110-140 dollars per ton. Premium showed evidence of stabilising. SHFE the month contract against 3m LME aluminum were at 7.82. LME aluminum cash price against 3m aluminum were in 25 dollars contango. Today, the physical aluminum ingot imported price hung upside down about 550 rmbs, the forward aluminum imports lost about 800 rmbs. Aluminum import ratio narrowed slightly but market continued to be quiet. The consumer factories had less wills to import aluminum as local suppy was plenty. Currently, there were only a small number of traders having interest in buying aluminum cheaply as they believed the downward room of premium was not big. However, most sellers would not like to sell at lower price as current LME forward premium of aluminum was enough to cover the fund cost and warehousing cost of dealers. Moreover, it is still profitable. Therefore, the sellers were not urgent to sell and the market trading was still modest. Edited by SHMET

Copper Import Market Briefing 20150825

Date Aug 25 2015 14:52:39Source:shmet
Aug.25,2015(SHMET)--Shanghai electrolytic copper CIF(B/L) premium was quoted at 100-110 dollars per ton. Shanghai electrolytic copper bonded warehouse warrants premium was quoted at 100-110 dollars per ton, the premium quotations rose slightly. Shanghai spot copper against LME 3m copper were at 7.82, SHFE 3m copper against LME copper were at 7.79. LME cash-3m was at 18 dollars back. Today, the physical copper import profited about 650 rmbs per ton, three month forward copper import profited about 80 dollars. LME copper fell to 5000 dollars around, quotations of import copper premium rose and import ratio picked up slightly. Seller’s quotations were still firm. Currently the fire-processing copper B/L on the LME was quoted at 110 dollars, while warrant was basically at 110 dollars. However, the sell offers were not many on the market and the trading was not active either. Recently the volume was thin.Edited by SHMET

Nickel-SHMET Spot Market Briefing20150825

Date Aug 25 2015 14:21:53Source:shmet
This market took a diver of nearly‭ ‬10%‭ ‬against‭ ‬Friday's close.‭ ‬The steel market probably looks worst‭ ‬of all commodities and affects traders more as there is‭ ‬no liquid hedging tool.‭ ‬Shanghai Nickel did not quite‭ ‬follow the drop and January‭ ‬2016‭ ‬showed a‭ ‬$‭ ‬270‭ ‬premium over LME‭ ‬-‭ ‬a fact which has already‭ ‬seen some demand for metal in Asian warehouses.‭ ‬Shanghai spot nickel was quoted at‭ ‬75000-75300‭ ‬rmbs per ton,‭ ‬down‭ ‬1300.‭ ‬Jinchuan nickel traded at‭ ‬75300‭ ‬rmbs per ton,‭ ‬Russian nickel traded at‭ ‬75000‭ ‬rmbs per ton.‭ ‬Today,‭ ‬the‭ ‬physical‭ ‬nickel once again hit new low,‭ ‬downstream‭ ‬increased replenishment but the merchants were not optimistic on the physical backwardation therefore,‭ ‬they had less will to purchase,‭ ‬downstream‭ ‬purchasing‭ ‬was limited overall trading went modest.

Edited by SHMET