Ni– Spot import turned to loss and market transaction is light

Date 9/14/2018 3:00:55 PM Source: SHMET

With regards to NI FP, offers in Shanghai bonded zone keep standing at the range of $210-$250, and the premiums for CIF is at the range of $210-$250 . The SHFE Spot/LME 3M was at 8.28 and that for 3M SHFE/LME 3M at 8.22. Russian Ni registered an import loss of RMB62.97/ton in spot (2%of import tax) and a loss of 1121RMB 3M forward.

The price rate is weaker, the spot import turns to lose, and the market inquiry is less, with the market transaction being still light this week. Import source supply is still loose due to the fact that more imported cargoes flowed into the domestic market in the early time.


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