Nickel import losses expand

Date 12/6/2018 4:02:09 PM Source: SHMET

SHANGHAI, Dec 6 (SHMET) – Market concerns continued as the dollar rose. Domestic nickel price fell, and imported nickel discount narrowed.

As of 14:00 today, imported losses of spot Russian nickel stood at 1,327 yuan/mt, and 2,136 yuan/mt in forward import.

In the nickel market, premiums for nickel cathode under bill of lading in Shanghai held at $200-$280/mt cif, and those under warrants in Shanghai bonded warehouse stood at $220-$280/mt cif. Shanghai/LME 3M nickel price ratio increased to 8.22 and that for SHFE/LME 3M ratio at 8.16.

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