Car registration limit to vary each year

Date 12/29/2010 9:17:29 AM

Dec.29,2010(SHMET)--"Beijing will control the number of registered vehicles next year to 240,000. The number will be decided by each year's traffic capacity from now on," Li Xiaosong, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport said, The Beijing News reported Tuesday. 

According to Li, the traffic measures unveiled Dec 23 have undergone much consideration. "The city's vehicles increased to 2 million in 5 years while Japan took 22 years," he said.

City officials introduced 28 measures to ease congestion and ensure transportation safety in China's capital.

An authority with the commission told the reporter that though the number of registered vehicles will vary each year, the number of plates they allocate will be in accordance with the traffic measures, which reserve 88 percent for private cars, 10 percent for public cars and 2 percent for commercial use cars every month.

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