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Shanghai Metal Price Index (SHMETX)

On July 12, 2004 SHMET launched the country’s first spot metal price index called “Shanghai Metal Price Index (SHMETX)” to serve as a barometer for the metals market in China. SHMETX is the most authoritative and reliable benchmark for the non-ferrous metals industry in China and enables consumers to avert risks against market price volatilities. It reflects the base metals spot prices of China comprehensively and shows the market selling prices objectively, accurately, fairly, and authoritatively on a daily basis. Therefore, SHMETX has become an important benchmark and reference for spot pricing both within and outside of the industry.


The Compilation of SHMETX


The supplier prices of six base metals: copper、aluminum、lead、zinc、tin、and nickel in Shanghai, which meet the quality standards of London Metal Exchange (LME), Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), or other market equivalents, are used as sampling varieties.

Sampling average prices:

Each variety is inquired of the sampling companies by Shanghai Metal Exchange Market (SHMET) every day. Pricing sampling covers big turn volumes, minutely different varieties. The sampling average prices just come from the mean prices of the high and low prices(Pcu、Pal、Ppb、Pzn、Pni、Psn).

Sampling companies:

The companies must have annual sales of more than 100 millions year after year, have good reputations, great pricing abilities, and are consciousness of going after high quality services. These companies must sign agreement with and are verified by SHMET, quarterly adjustments may be made when necessary, and we publish the company names along with SHMETX. Sampling companies must provide metal prices objectively, reasonably, and in a timely manner as well as having the ability to supply goods on time.

Varieties weighing:

In view of the scales of different varieties, the domestic production of the varieties in the preceding year which is published by State Statistical Bureau is the weighing parameters of the varieties (Qcu, Qal, Qpb, Qzn, Qsn, Qni).

Weighing average price daily:

The Weighing average price is SHMETX.


Mode of Publishing

SHMETX is published by SHMET at 11:30 a.m. everyday Beijing Time. It provides the benchmark pricing for copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, tin, and nickel. The enterprises and individuals who want the index authorized by Shanghai Metals Exchange Market (“SHMET”) can receive the file earliest by free email and transmit it outside. To avoid error and piracy, the index is subject to the file published by Shanghai Metals Exchange Market (“SHMET”).


Product Services

1. In addition to the free emails and information posted on our website, SHMET can also send our products to you through faxes and short messages with applicable service fees.

2. Besides the sampling companies, other enterprises may also post their pricing related information on our platform.

3. In addition to the daily index, SHMET also offers monthly average price of the index, monthly average prices for the varieties, historical diagrams and other inquiry services, information on backwardation and contango, and pricing information for minor metals, metallic scraps, and metal materials.


Other Information

Reuters Terminal Code of Shanghai Metal Price Index (SHMETX) : <.SHMETX>;
Reuters page code of the benchmark pricing for varieties : <SHMETD>

The right to interpret the product instructions belongs to Shanghai Metal Exchange Market
The right to interpret this index belongs to Shanghai Metal Exchange Market

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