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Shanghai Metal Exchange Market (SHMET) is the most professional information provider for the metals industry in China. Since its establishment on May 28, 2000, its website has become the most influential and authoritative portal visited by most of those in the metals industry in China. From its beginning SHMET’s core mission has been in our belief to provide services with fairness, openness, objectivity, and accuracy. As an independent third-party industry intelligence service provider in Shanghai, China, SHMET's editorial and research teams provide the most reliable information on a daily basis, and its website is ranked among the highest being visited by all those interested around the world. SHMET keeps up with the latest and evolves along with market, and hence is trusted by those in the metals industry.


The Shanghai Spot Metal Prices were launched in May, 2000 by SHMET to offer authoritative and accurate price information for base metals (cu, al, ni, pb, zn, sn and others), precious metals, minor metals, alloys, metal scraps, and other groups of metals in China. SHMET's comprehensive database has historical data for daily market transaction traced back to as far as 2000.


On July 12, 2004 SHMET launched the country’s first metal spot price index called “Shanghai Metal Price Index (SHMETX)” to serve as a barometer for the metals market in China. SHMETX is the most authoritative and reliable benchmark for the non-ferrous metals industry in China and enables consumers to avert risks against market price volatilities.


Along with London Metal Exchange (LME) and Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), SHMET is one of the three most renowned institutions in the non-ferrous metals industry. Through its website and other professional channels, SHMET offers vast amounts of professional information and news in a timely fashion to meet the interests of its users in the finance and metal industries. In addition, SHMET also serves as a platform for its users to interact and share their experience and needs.

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