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Metals prices are in volatility with the dynamics in global economy. In terms of unpredictable changes in prices, metal-related industries face more uncertainty. How do companies avoid risks? How to adapt to a changeable market and keep ourselves in an invincible position? Regardless of the size of the company or the scale of an operation, managers, investment experts, or self-employed businessmen are all aiming for sustainable developments in the metals industry.


SHMET courses are designed to provide participants with solid understandings of market processes, pricing, hedging, delivery, and depends on the natures, they also offer case studies, follow up service, professional consultation, and updated information. The courses are especially helpful to those involved in any aspects of the non-ferrous metals, steel, and precious metals industries, as well as those who need to understand the pricing of their products and how to minimize the effects of volatile prices on their businesses.


SHMET works with our partners and new friends to jointly organize trainings, conferences, and seminars. Contact us and we look forward to working with you.

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